Small Group Home Fellowship

Small Group Home Fellowship and Bible Study

To be held in the homes of church members where non‐Adventist friends,  relatives, classmates, or co‐workers will be invited for fellowship, prayer and Bible study. Click here to download invitation.

The Small Group Format

Small Group Home Fellowship consists of the 4 W’s:

  • Welcome – Gathering & getting acquainted

– You to Me

  • Worship – God’s Presence

– Us to God

  • Word – God’s Power

– God to Us

  • Works/Witness — God’s Purpose

– God through Us

Small Group Home Fellowship (90 minutes):

  • 20 mins. – Welcome / Fellowship

‐ light refreshment

‐ getting acquainted

‐ Icebreakers

‐ Sharing of experiences

  • 20 mins. – Worship – Prayer and Praise Time

‐ Sing songs of praise

‐ Expression of thanks and prayer requests

‐ Conversational prayer, chain prayer, written prayer, responsive prayer, prayer in two’s or three’s, communal prayer.

  • 40 mins. – Word – Bible study

His Way of Hope or Truth for Youth/Kids presentation

‐ Highlight one passage and ask questions for group discussion:

* What is the Bible actually saying?

* What is God saying to me/us through this scripture?

* Where am I in the story? According to this passage, what does God want me to feel/say/do in order for my/our relationship with Him and with each other grow?

  • 10 mins. – Works/Witness – Plan of Action

‐ What shall we do with what we learned?

‐ How can we support one another?

‐ Use decision cards (as needed)

‐ Pray for God’s blessings for everyone.