Evangelistic Sermons

1. His Way of Hope sermons and ShareSynch software compliments of ShareHim Ministry ‐ www.sharehim.org

2. Truth for Youth (Evangelistic series for Children) – courtesy of Young Disciples Ministry ‐ https://store.youngdisciple.org/collections/evangelism-tools

Registering your AMP Speakers/Small Group Facilitators:

  1. Each AMP speaker and small group (SG) facilitator will need to
    sign up on the ShareHim website for Homeland Evangelism by. Please click the following link: https://sharehim.org/php/apply_homeland.php?confid=224 For the question that asks “Done Speaker Training Program?” you need to answer “yes.”
  2. Once speakers and SG facilitators fill out the application, an
    email will go to the conference director for approval. Speakers/SG
    facilitators will receive an email confirmation that they’ve been
    approved as evangelists for the Ontario Conference.
  3. Then speakers/SG facilitators need to register a campaign, or
    several campaigns, where the dates and the church that they
    will be associated with are indicated.
  4. Once the speaker‐initiated event is approved, an email
    confirmation will be sent with an activation code to download
    the Share Sync software and a serial number to be used in
    downloading sermon materials from ShareHim.


Requirements if using computer:
 Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
(32/64 bit) or Mac
(Maverick or Yosemite)
 Dual monitor capability
 About 6 Gb hard drive space for sermons and video clips (one language)

Requirements if using tablet/phone:
 iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone (any device running iOS 7 or higher)
 Lightning connector
 iPhone is not recommended though as the screen is too small to see the text at a distance

Other notes:
 Most laptops today will have the dual monitor capability.
 ShareSynch does not use PowerPoint like the earlier Presentation Synchronizer did.