For 2022, which is dubbed as Year of Multiplication, all clubs are lovingly and strongly encouraged to participate in community outreach and evangelism (in-person and/or online). Here are some ideas that you can do in 2022:

  1. Social Media Ministry (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc) – production of inspiring short videos and graphics for weekly postings, re-broadcasting shorter versions of sermons or worship elements, etc.
  2. Home Bible Studies (small groups or virtual groups)
  3. Weekly Livestreaming – focused on developing Christian Values or Fundamental Beliefs
  4. Public Evangelism / Digital Evangelism
  5. Evangelistic Camp
  6. Community Service/Outreach (weekly initiatives)
  7. Mission Trips (within Ontario)/ in-person or virtual
  8. Fall Reaping Campaign
  9. Ministry for troubled youth
  10. Backpacking with a Mission
  11. Creative Ministries

AMP Evangelism subsidy may be used for any of the following:

  1. Purchase of online ads to promote your online evangelistic event
  2. Purchase of Bibles, Discipleship Lessons, or other resources
  3. Purchase of GLOW tracts or other Sharing Books
  4. For Digital Evangelism – Subscription to Canva or Filmora or other video editing applications
  5. Purchase of children/ youth evangelism sermon applications
  6. Rental of facility or audio-visual equipment, as needed (for public evangelism)